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Call for Session Proposal

Dear FELASA supporters,

The FELASA 2019 Scientific Committee will welcome suggestions for sessions of the scientific program until 31st May 2018. The template for session proposal is attached.

Though the congress is already popular and many topics are included in the preliminary scientific program:

  • Rodent health monitoring, microbiota, gnotobiology, thermo-neutrality
  • Aquatics care, health monitoring and severity classification
  • Other species: NHP, farm animals, wild animals, alternatives
  • Management program, facility design, databases, imaging, home cage monitoring
  • Institutional challenges: communication in the establishment, working with CRO, transparency/openness, genetic advances and quality
  • Ethical challenges: AWB abilities, ending severe suffering, pain assessment, peri-operative care, 3R implementation, rehoming, transport, warfare, project evaluation, human committees, reproducibility
  • Education and training: accreditation, animal carer education, competency assessment, managers' education
  • Animal Research Reporting: aid to experimental design, responsible research, sex bias, funding and reporting 3R research, peer reviewing challenges, reproducibility
  • Severity workshops: 1 train the trainers, 4 severity and classification
  • European Directive revision and remaining implementation challenges

For information, we are looking at opening the abstract submission by mid-June 2018. For further detail and session proposal submission, please email

The Scientific Committee looks forward to your input.

Chair of the FELASA 2019 Scientific Committee

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